Axa Mandiri Focus On Education Insurance

Axa Mandiri Focus On Education Insurance

Magnitude of elementary level students become Axa Mandiri market to be developed next year. Based on the records owned by Axa Mandiri, the number of students ranging from elementary to high school reached 58 million nationally.

Mandiri President Director Aza, Arry Basuseno, told reporters yesterday (25/11) in Surabaya mention, the opportunity to improve education insurance is quite large. The problem in 2015 is estimated to economic growth in all sectors experienced positive growth.

“The outlook for next year we focus on education insurance, although this year we’ve done it,” said Arry Basuseno at Hotel Sheraton, Surabaya yesterday afternoon. He explained that insurance education has huge potential but growth slowed.

Axa Mandiri also prepared a program to develop health insurance. He said he was not too sure of the presence of the Social Security Agency (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial/BPJS). In fact we already have cooperation with BPJS coordination of benefits. No doubt, we will lose or win in the competition.

He emphasized that the presence of more or less favorable BPJS it. Based on data submitted by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), a financial literacy in Indonesia is still low, or just 1.2 percent who understand the investment. The existence of this BPJS welcomed the Axa Mandiri, because people more literate future investment.

This year Axa Mandiri targets to achieve 15 percent growth in the total number of customers at the end of this year. Only Arry did not mention the number of the target real terms increase in the number of customers this year. But a comparison of last year, the total number of customers Axa Mandiri reached 2 million.

So far not too sell Axa Mandiri’s annual performance report. Based on non audit reports assets up to October 2014 has been reached Rp 21 trillion, while the 2013 period recorded assets reached Rp 16 trillion. He said “We deliberately did not sell out so as not to spy next door neighbor,”. (wh)